The Global MSA Registry (GloMSAR) is a joint project between the Autonomic Disorders Consortium, the National Institutes of Health and the MSA Coalition.

The overall goals of the contact registry are to:globalbrain

  1. Connect patients and keep them up to date on
    clinical trial opportunities
  2. Administer surveys to better understand the features of MSA
  3. Enable us to contact eligible patients to participate in trials and speed up the testing of potential therapies.

The Global MSA Registry is free of charge. Patients with MSA or their caregivers, from all over the world, can register themselves online and by filling out standard information, they can help  us understand disease traits.

Click the button below to join the RDCRN Autonomic Disorder Consortium (ADC) Contact Registry.  During the registration process you will be asked to select Multiple System Atrophy and this will connect you to GLOMSAR.